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Tyler Matilda Post

21st July, 2004. 5:26 pm.

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21st July, 2004. 5:11 pm.


Name//Tyler "Spoon" POst
Height//5 something
Location//Behind you

Band(no more than 10)//Rooney, Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, The Who, Death cab,
Song lyric and why//Hard to explain..........
Movies//Sleepover........., anchorman, the mask, sleepless in seatle
Place//Still righttt behind you
Color//Pinkish Grey
Animal//Mr.W(my cat)

You're hobbies//BAND, thing I play in, thing that people play with me in,BAND
Your opinion on suicide//Don't
Your opinion on catholic schools//Uniforms tasty(enough said)
Your opinion on cherries and sex//I like fruit, sex aint bad, how did you get to where you are where i think you are -_o.Thats what i thought.
You're personality//LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!!!!!!!!

Happy?//UUUUUUHHHHHMMMMMM NOOO way you Jerks!!! you creepys!!!!
Done drugs?//no
Had alcohol?//yes
Had sex?//no
HOLY SHIT!!//+yourxfat+
What do you think of The little girl in the background??!!//Its iSSSSSSSS pamela anderson right?
Where did you hear about _coolXkids_?//Kewl_guye, John, Jack, w/e
What make you think you are cool to the X tho the kids?//I know Kewl_guye Duhhh, cool by association, no he really really is coooool.
Please make us laugh?//There was this guy and he walks up to this sea cucmber and he's like hey....wait...*edit* Ok so this sea cucumber crawls upto this guy and he's like hey and the guys like hey and he looks at the guy and farts and the laugh and then they both die.
Promote us in two other communities or to two other people(we will check)//I will see what I can do but IDKKKK
Post altleast 2 clear pic of yourself//I'll get them later photobucket is being like my dogs butt...pooey

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12th July, 2004. 5:57 pm. DAH DAH DAH

My best friend in the whole world is elizabeth grace lavender.

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19th June, 2004. 10:49 am.

This is my pimp journal. I`m at John`s house and Fash made my journal pretty. yay!

Current mood: diablo-y.

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